Carpet cleaning and specialist stain removal in Church Crookham

In September, Hook Cleaning Services was asked to clean a mixture of Wool and Synthetic carpets for a customer Church Crookham using our specialist truck mounted carpet cleaning system.

Some of the carpets were a light shade of white, and even with regular vacuuming they had remove dull, attracted greasy soils, and staining. Our customer contacted Hook Cleaning Services for specialist stain removal from one of the bedroom carpets to be cleaned. Before any stain removal was attempted, a thorough vacuum of all the carpets to be professionally cleaned was completed to the property in Church Crookham. Upto 80% of soils in carpets due to be cleaned is dry soil, and thorough vacuuming helps to remove this prior to the wet carpet cleaning process.

Church Crookham Stain Removal



Here you can watch a short video of the stain being removed from the synthetic bedroom carpet in Church Crookham, Hampshire during the carpet cleaning process. Make up Stain removal Video

After the stains had been removed from the bedroom carpet, a pretreatment was applied to the carpets. This pre treatment helps to break down dust mites, contamination, pollution, and soils which are embedded deep within wool, and synthetic carpets.

After agitation, our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system, also known as steam cleaning was used to flush all the soils and cleaning solutions from the carpets to reveal the true, clean, fresh carpet fibres in Church Crookham.

Truckmount Carpet Cleaning Hampshire




After the Carpet Cleaning process had been completed to these carpets in Hampshire, air movement was introduced to encourage speed drying. The carpets were dry and ready to use within 2 hours of professional deep cleaning.

If your carpets need professional deep cleaning from a friendly, reliable and knowledge worthy specialist, call Hook Cleaning Services today on 01256 533 599. We would love to help revive your carpets and tackle those specialist stain removal challenges for you.