carpet cleaning in Hook, Hampshire

Carpet Cleaning in Hook to a Heavily stained and soiled carpet

In November 2017, Hook Cleaning Services was asked by a returning customer in Hook to deep clean her carpets. The carpets were cleaned 12 months ago. However, pets, children, and a busy life style had left the carpets heavily stained, soiled, dusty and with greasy traffic lanes. These heavily stained and soiled carpets were ready…


Carpet Cleaning in Church Crookham, Hampshire

Carpet cleaning and specialist stain removal in Church Crookham In September, Hook Cleaning Services was asked to clean a mixture of Wool and Synthetic carpets for a customer Church Crookham using our specialist truck mounted carpet cleaning system. Some of the carpets were a light shade of white, and even with regular vacuuming they had remove…


Quality carpet cleaning services: Why you should use a professional and how to find your perfect carpet cleaning company

Quality carpet cleaning service: Why you should use a professional and how to find your perfect carpet cleaning company.  A quality carpet cleaning services can be difficult to find, especially in the wash of companies which are readily found through the online market place. Many companies claim to be experts, and professionals. This guide aims to…


Office Carpet Cleaning in Oxford

Have you got a large area of commercial office carpet which needs cleaning in Oxford?  Not sure who to call? – Hook Cleaning Service can help! At Short notice, Hook Cleaning Services were asked to clean 1500 Sq.m of office carpet in Oxford. Using a combination of powerful truckmounted steam cleaning, low moisture bonnet encapsulation…

Carpet Cleaning

Why Your Carpets Need Cleaning Before They Look Dirty

Everyone’s guilty of thinking it – why clean the carpets when they already look clean? There are valid reasons why you need to keep on top of your carpet cleaning though, and we’re here to tell you the dirty truth. Regular carpet cleaning vs. cleaning because it looks dirty Regular cleaning before the carpet looks…