In May 2015, Hook Cleaning Services were asked to professionally deep clean some very dirty office carpets and Amtico flooring for a company Bracknell.

The company operates a busy schedule between large offices and a busy workshop – so getting the work done quickly, and well, was imperative.

The story so far…

In the 18 months before Hook Cleaning Services arrived at the office, both the Amtico flooring and carpets had been heavily used and abused, resulting in dirty traffic lanes and staining. It was obvious that wear like this could only occur at the premises of an extremely busy organisation.

Commercial carpet cleaning BEFORE

Naturally, Hook Cleaning Services understood that there could be no disruption to this company’s busy schedule, and so the work was completed outside of office hours – we like to help where we can.

So what did we do?

Let’s take a look at how Hook Cleaning Services professionals dealt with the Amtico flooring first.

Amtico is a type of resilient flooring – usually with a printed effect it can look like stone, wood or tiles. Despite its resilience though, this versatile floor cleans easily with the right knowledge and cleaning system.

The Amtico flooring cleaning process

We used a mild cleaning detergent, combined with an agitation pad and a weighted rotary machine to get started – then adding water to neutralise and extract all the cleaning solution as well as all the greases and dirty soils which had been broken down by the detergent.

Cleaning Amtico flooring

Want to know the best bit? The floor was left dry, clean, and ready to use immediately after cleaning had been completed.

So what about the office carpet cleaning?

The office carpet cleaning task was probably one of the biggest challenges that Hook Cleaning Services has faced in terms of commercial carpet cleaning. None the less, we rose to the challenge, and produced some outstanding results.

Our process included:

  • Identifying the carpet – it was carpet tiles with a nylon face fibre.
  • A thorough inspection of the carpet. Here we were looking for any damage, spots and spills, how the carpet has been installed. Was it stuck? Had it been cleaned before? What was the pH of the carpet? These questions are all really important, as we need to know the answers in order to provide the very best carpet cleaning service to our customers.

FACT: Thorough pre vacuuming, to remove all the dry soils and debris from the carpets first, is the most important part of carpet cleaning! Did you know that up to 80% of soil in the carpet is dry, and can be removed with thorough vacuuming? It’s important to remove all this soil first.

Why? Imagine if you went outside, picked up a hand full of dry soil, ran it under the tap and then rubbed the wet soil all over your carpet – how difficult would that be to remove?! VERY!

So, after the thorough vacuuming, the carpet was pre-treated with an alkali cleaning detergent. This detergent helped to begin the process of breaking down soils, spots and staining in the carpet fibre – removing everything that the vacuuming process couldn’t.

Getting the commercial carpet cleaning machines involved

The carpet was then agitated using a mechanical rotary machine and a carpet brush to work the detergent into the carpet fibres. This starts to further break down the soils and staining in the carpet.

Rotary extractor

The professional detergent was left to dwell for a period of time so, while the solution was getting to work, we set up our twin operated truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning machine.

Introducing the Prochem Everest 405HP

The Prochem Everest 405HP is one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines in the UK. It allows us to run hundreds of metres of vacuum and solution hose from the van mounted machine to the dirty office carpets. The machines boast high air flow for BIG suction, which is vitally important to get your carpets dry fast!


The Everest carpet cleaning machine also produces high heat, at up to 110 degrees internally. Heat is an important part of cleaning as it helps with the movement of molecules. This increases the performance of the cleaning detergents and helps remove engrained greasy soils.

Commercial carpet cleaning dirt extraction

After setting up the truck mount, we wheeled in the next important part of our carpet cleaning extraction produce – the Rotovac 360i and the Hydromaster RX20 rotary extractors. These machines rotate across the carpet at around 130 times a minute, injecting the carpet fibres with hot extraction liquid and making multiple vacuum extraction passes.


The benefits for you as the customer are great! More cleaning passes = greater soil extraction = cleaner carpets and faster drying times. You can find out more about these extraction machines here in our review about these machines.

During the extraction process – using our powerful truck mount and rotary extraction machines – most spots, spills and soils are removed. However, there are some stains which need more specialist, advanced stain removal. Luckily, Hook Cleaning Services is trained to provide advanced, specialist spot stain removal from all types of commercial and domestic carpets.

Before and after

We’ll let the photos throughout this blog speak for themselves, but if you’re looking for the very best in commercial carpet cleaning, and want to keep your carpets in outstanding condition, then look no further.

Call the expert office carpet cleaning company today on 01256 533 599 today!

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