carpet cleaning in Hook, Hampshire

In November 2017, Hook Cleaning Services was asked by a returning customer in Hook to deep clean her carpets. The carpets were cleaned 12 months ago. However, pets, children, and a busy life style had left the carpets heavily stained, soiled, dusty and with greasy traffic lanes. These heavily stained and soiled carpets were ready for a professional clean again.

The carpets were 100% Polypropylene. Carpets of this type have both advantages and disadvantages. Typically, synthetic carpets, such as polypropylene clean easier than wool carpets. This is because they do not hold onto water based soils such as food and drink. However, the pile of these carpets has less integrity and so will wear quicker. This is usually visible by the flattened carpet pile which occurs quicker than wooden carpets. Regular professional cleaning of polypropylene carpets can dramatically increase the lifespan, and integrity of the carpet pile.

Landing carpet prior to deep cleaning by Hook Cleaning Services in Hook, Hampshire

So while carpet cleaning in Hook, How did we renovate and restore these carpets?

Once the carpets had been inspected, all the furniture was placed onto furniture sliders. Furniture sliders have a foam, and smooth plastic side. This makes it easy for the furniture to be moved around the room. This can be done safely without causing damage to the carpet, or injury to the technician completing the carpet cleaning.

A thorough pre vacuum is completed as the first important stage of the cleaning process. Dry soil, dust, dust mites and other contamination are removed during this stage. It is clear from the image below that a substantial amount of dry soil has been removed from the carpets during the dry vacuuming process. Hook Cleaning Services uses and recommends the Karcher CV38/2 vacuum cleaner. Although this is a commercial machine, they cost less than many of the leading domestic vacuum cleaners yet offer greater cleaning efficiency. This powerful vacuum cleaner has high air flow, and a great brush beater bar. The beater bar provides a thorough, deep pre vacuum of the carpets.

Karcher Vacuum cleaner CV38/2

Once vacuuming has been completed throughout the carpets to be cleaned, the carpets a pretreated with a detergent to help break down the soils and stained in the carpets. Specialist attention is given to problem stains, and the edges of the carpet are cleaned using a hand tool to provide a truly thorough edge-to-edge, wall-to-wall clean of the carpets.


Coffee stain removal from carpet

Coffee stain removed from polypropylene carpet in Hook, Hampshire

coffee stain on carpet

Coffee stain on polypropylene carpet











A CRB, also known as a counter-rotating-brush machine is used to thoroughly agitate the carpets once the pre treatment has been applied. In this case, Hook Cleaning Services applied a product called Express Lane Traffic Lane Cleaner. This specialist pre cleaner has a mild alkali pH, and a blend of safe water based solvents. These water based solvents help to break down a range of stains in the carpet including makeup, grease, food and milk based drinks. The CRB machine thoroughly works the products through the carpet fibres and also helps to release engrained soils, and fibre which are trapped in the carpet pile.

Carpet CRB machine

The Final stages of professional carpet cleaning:

After the thorough agitation, the carpets are rinsed using our truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. These powerful machines are ideal for releasing contamination from even the most heavily stain and soiled carpets. The results, speak for themselves, and the need for replacement is removed by a professional carpet cleaning process. The carpet pile is groomed and aligned before air movers are implemented to help dry the carpet fibres. Typically carpets are left dry and ready to walk on within 2 hours of professional carpet cleaning.


bedroom carpet deep cleaning

Heavily stained and soiled carpet in Hook, Hampshire restored with deep cleaning


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