Rugs can be extremely precious, we know that. There are so many different types out there now, each with their own story.

As you may know as a rug owner yourself, they have many different origins. You can find Persian rugs, Turkish, Afghan, Indian, Pakistan and Nepalese rugs too. You’ll find modern wool rugs, and beautiful fine silk rugs that are soft, usually full of vibrant colours and patterns, and let’s not forget carpet textiles from Iranian weaving centres of Tabriz, Nain and Ifashan or even a Turkish Hereke, Indian Kashmir or fine Chinese pieces.

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With so many varieties out there though, it can be hard to know how much your rug is worth and just how you should go about rug cleaning. So, Hook Cleaning Services has put together this guide to give you a better idea.

How much is my rug worth?

The value of carpet rugs and textiles can vary dramatically. When it comes to modern ones, you need to consider the rug cleaning costs vs. the cost of replacing it altogether. We can offer you impartial advice here so that you have the full picture before you make your informed decision on the way to clean a rug.

Advice for your sentimental textiles too

Where the retail value of rugs in a shop can be substantial, often these wonderful second-hand textiles have little to no value at all. More often than not, the value of many rugs actually stems from their history or family connections – for example, antique rugs which have links to a special family memory or those which have been passed down from generation to generation.

As you can probably tell, it’s a different kind of value we’re talking about now, and it’s in your best interests to regularly clean these sentimental pieces to ensure they can continue to be in your family for generations to come too.

We bet you’re thinking ‘so can rugs be dry cleaned?!’ The majority of the time they can’t, so you need to find a more specialist approach to your cleaning.

How to clean a rug

We can’t stress this enough – cleaning rugs regularly is actually vitally important. Rugs in low traffic areas need professional rug cleaning once every two years, however, heavily used rugs in areas such as entrances and corridors should be cleaned annually. That’s an absolutely minimum requirement too.

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There are so many affordable rug cleaning services out there now, so we just know there’s a solution out there for you at rug cleaning prices you can level with.

The best way to clean a rug in between professional jobs

There are important steps you can take to maintain your unique rugs to maintain them between professional cleans too. For example, regular vacuuming is important – which you should do with an upright vacuum to ensure maximum cleanliness. Nearly all upright vacuum cleaners have a beater or rotating brush on the bottom which helps to agitate the fibres and remove any dry soils.

FACT: Upright vacuuming is helpful as it’s known that up to 80% of soil in carpets, rugs and upholstery is actually dry, which means it can be easily removed by dry vacuuming.

Rug stain removal advice

What’s the first thing to do when you spill something on your rug? We bet you dash to the nearest wet sponge and frantically scrub in hope with little success. Perhaps you even have some domestic rug cleaning products in the cupboards just in case!

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Want to know the truth though? The majority of the time, stains will not be removed in this way – in fact, you could be making matters a lot worse for yourself.

So how should you remove stains from your carpet?

Well, spots and spills should actually be blotted using plain white towelling – so it’s always good to make sure you have some of that spare in the house. You never know when a spillage is going to occur, after all!

You should blot the stain, DO NOT RUB IT, and work from the outside of the stain into the middle – ensuring that you press down firmly as you do so. When you notice that no further staining is transferring on to the towel, add a small amount of water to the stain, and repeat the blotting process.

TIP: You should avoid using domestic stain removal products at all costs. These can actually be strong products which contain harmful chemicals such as harsh bleaches or oxidisers – and they can cause permanent damage when you’re cleaning a rug.

We always say it is in your strongest interests to leave any remaining discolouration which may have caused staining, and seek professional advice before attempting to take things further yourself. Hook Cleaning Services can even offer you a no obligation stain removal consultation so you get a comprehensive idea of what needs to happen next.

Keep reading our blog for more information on professional rug cleaning, and how your rugs are expertly cleaned by our team of highly-trained rug doctors. You can even get in touch today to organise a totally free, no obligation rug cleaning consultation.

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