Grout is one of the biggest problems for many of Hook Cleaning Services’ clients, due to its very porous and absorbent nature.

Unfortunately for UK households and businesses, it can appear just about anywhere – that means your floors, walls, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, toilets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are all at risk. The list really does go on, so finding how to clean tile grout is important.

Tile grout cleaning

Dirty tile grout – pre-professional clean.

Cleaning tile floors is a hard task to tackle without the right tools, too – so it’s no surprise that many of our customers call us to say they have dirty grout lines which they just can’t fix themselves. Some tried to steam clean the grout lines, others have found themselves down on hands and knees with a tooth brush and the strongest most powerful grout cleaner they can find!

So, if none of this works, then the question is…

What is the best way to clean grout on floors?

When it comes to how to clean grout on tile flooring, most people would assume that the best solution is to get a steam cleaner as one of their floor cleaning machines. But, take it from the pros, you leave that in the original packaging and return it to the shops.

If not used properly then steam cleaners can actually make your floor cleaning problems a lot worse, rather than better.


Tiled floors, especially in kitchens, generally contain a lot of greasy soils. This stems from a build-up of cooking, natural skin fats, pets and pollutants. The heat from steam cleaners, or other sources, is all part of a cleaning circle that aids and assists in the break down of greasy and fatty soils – so it makes sense that you would want to use one.


Tile and grout flooring – mid-way through professional treatment.

The trouble is that, without the appropriate extraction of a vacuum cleaner and a reasonable volume of detergent and water to flush the soils away, a lot of the greasy soils are just thinned out by the heat of steam. This allows them to fall further into the grout lines of a tiled floor – creating a magnet for more soil to build up more quickly than ever.

So, how do you clean a tiled and grouted floor?

When it comes to the best way to clean grout, you need to follow the following thorough steps:

  1. A good way to start is to grab your trusted mop and bucket…
  2. Next you’ll need a mild detergent – whether that be neutral, acidic, or alkali will ultimately be determined by the soil you are trying to clean off the floor, and the type of tile and grout you are dealing with.

TOP TIPS: Typically in a kitchen, a slightly alkali detergent is best.

  1. The cleaning solution should be applied liberally to the floor, and allowed to dwell for a period of time. During this time the floor and grout lines should be scrubbed. For a ceramic or porcelain floor, a deck scrubber or stiff brush would be suitable, but for natural stone, careful consideration should be given to the choice of cleaners and agitation devices used.

REMEMBER: You can always give us a call for advice on cleaning tile floors.

  1. The floor then needs to be rinsed with plenty of fresh water – you could do this with a mop and bucket. Just be sure to regularly replace the fresh water as it gets dirty. Another option is to consider purchasing a machine that combines the process of apply, agitating and extracting the soils.
  2. Finally, the floor needs to be dried, either with a wet pick up or some old towels to remove the soil from the floor.

REMEMBER THAT: If you allow the floor to dry naturally then the water and cleaning solution will evaporate, but sadly the dirt doesn’t evaporate with it. The dirt will actually dry straight back on to the floor.

The best way to clean tile grout sounds like a lot of work? We’d agree.

Luckily, Hook Cleaning Services provide tile and grout deep cleaning services throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire – using a specialist clean and capture system that really is the best way to clean tile grout.

Tile and grout flooring - after professional treatment.

Tile and grout flooring – after professional treatment.

What’s a specialist clean and capture system?

Our tile and grout cleaning system combines the 4 key elements required for cleaning, heat, time, chemical, and agitation. Soils are blasted away from tiles and grout lines leaving a sterile clean surface behind that’s dry and ready to be used straight away. After cleaning, we recommend that the grout is sealed, possibly with a floor tile sealer, to offer protection against future staining and discolouration.

Want to find out more about this service?

You can find out more about our floor tile and grout cleaning services by calling us on 01256 533599. If you would prefer us to call you, why not fill out our contact us form here. Get advice on how to clean floor tile grout today.

Keep an eye on our blog to find out how to clean grout in shower cubicles in the right way too.

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