Have you got a large area of commercial office carpet which needs cleaning in Oxford? 

Not sure who to call? – Hook Cleaning Service can help!

At Short notice, Hook Cleaning Services were asked to clean 1500 Sq.m of office carpet in Oxford. Using a combination of powerful truckmounted steam cleaning, low moisture bonnet encapsulation cleaning, and spot stain removal, we restored all the carpets in the office back to their as new condition. Let’s take a look at how we tackled this office carpet cleaning job.

Powerful duel wand office carpet cleaning machine

How did we clean so much office carpet tile?

Using a team of 5 trained, highly qualified carpet cleaning technicians, we started by thoroughly pre-vacuuming the office carpets. This removes any dry soil from the carpet which would be difficult to remove once wet. This is an essential part of any office carpet cleaning.

Maintenance office carpet cleaning in Oxford

After vacuuming, Hook Cleaning Services identified the different levels of cleaning required depending on soiling. Many of the meeting room and separated office carpets needed spot stain removal and maintenance encapsulation cleaning to bring them back to a good standard.

Encapsulation cleaning is a modern carpet cleaning technology which provides outstanding cleaning performance. This maintenance system is ideal for regular periodic cleaning of carpets. The benefits include: clean, fresh, vibrant carpets which also dry quickly! Fast drying times are important to our customers so they can get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

SprayBorg Carpet Maintenance

The Main traffic areas…

In a busy office environment, the main walk ways are used heavily. Heavy use causes a build up of engrained soil known as ‘traffic lanes’ in the carpet cleaning industry. These traffic lanes require deep cleaning to thoroughly flush out the carpet fibres. This ensures that all the spots, spills, soil, and pollutants are completely removed from the office carpet tiles. Getting rid of those unsightly tea and coffee stains is also a priority we understand!

We pre-treated the traffic lanes with a safe, but powerful carpet cleaning detergent. This detergent started to break down all the soils and stains in the carpet. As well as this, a deodoriser helps the process of starting to make the office carpets smell great again! After a short period of dwell time, Hook Cleaning Services used a counter rotating agitation machine, known within the industry as a cimex machine. This outstanding machine works around all the carpet fibres to break down and release soils from the carpet tiles.

Agitation of prespray using Cimex

The Final Rinse

After agitation, the carpet tiles need to be thoroughly rinsed in order to remove all the cleaning deteregent, soils, pollutants and bacteria from the carpet. An acidic rinse is flusher through the carpet to neutralise the cleaning solutions applied. This system of cleaning is commonly mis conceived to be steam cleaning because of the steam vapour produced. It’s actually a hot water extraction process, the heat of the water cause the appearance of steam. Hot water extraction is an important part of the cleaning process as all carpets should be left pH neutral, or slightly acid after the cleaning process is complete.

Our process of truckmounted office cleaning cleaning in Oxford leaves the carpets free from cleaning residue, free from stains, dirt and grime. The office carpet tiles look like new in Oxford thanks to our powerful cleaning systems.

Truckmounted Carpet Cleaning Wand

When you have office carpets which need cleaning in Oxford, call the experts! Hook Cleaning Services can deliver bespoke, tailored cleaning solutions to get your business looking great, at a time which is convenient to you.

If you want to find out more, call the office on 01256 533599 where a specialist member of our team will be happy to help.