We know that hiring a professional rug cleaning company for the first time can be extremely daunting, especially if your rug has significant financial or sentimental value.

You want to feel safe in the knowledge that not only is your rug in the hands of highly trained experts, but that it’s not going to cost the earth either – and those are both points we understand.

With years’ of experience in the carpet and rugs cleaning industry, we can guarantee you affordable rug cleaning of the highest standard.

The right rug cleaning method for you

Persian rugs, along with Turkish, Afghan, Indian, Pakistan and Nepalese wool rugs can all usually be cleaning using a similar rug cleaning process, subject to thorough pre-testing of course!

Oriental rug cleaning

Many people believe that these should be dry cleaned using solvents and harsh chemicals, but trust us when we tell you this isn’t true!! The most appropriate method of rug cleaning in these situations is a full submersion rug cleaning method – this is actually recognised by nationwide restoration and cleaning bodies.

What exactly is full submersion rug cleaning?

This is actually a rug cleaning method that Hook Cleaning Services has been specialising in for a number of years.

Firstly, we attend your home or business to provide a free survey of your rug – or you can organise to send it to us by courier for a full free assessment. The rug cleaning survey involves us taking a look at the condition of your rug, the amount of soiling, damage and discolouration as well as factors like dye stability and pile reversal. These are all factors that must be considered before anyone undertakes the job of deep cleaning of your rugs and carpets.

TOP TIP: Never trust a rug cleaning company if they don’t complete this thorough rug check first. They could cause serious damage to your carpet if they don’t know what they’re doing.

So what exactly is the best way to clean a rug, you ask?

Well, firstly the rug is unrolled and laid upside down on a mesh grid, before a machine named the ‘Rug Badger’ is used to beat huge amounts of dry soil from your pride and joy. We know, it sounds like quite a violent process but we can assure you that your rug can take it!

specialist rug cleaning

It’s actually quite incredible just how much dry, compacted soil can be found hiding in the fibres of oriental rugs, modern rugs, wool rugs and silk rugs – you won’t believe you’ve been walking on what comes out. This is why it’s so important to remove them all before we really get down to the deep cleaning method. We find that a combination of vibration, beating and vacuuming does the rug cleaning job nicely.

The deep cleaning process

After the dry soil has been removed with a good beating, we move the rug to a wash pit – that’s where the rug stain removal magic happens. We make sure that the appropriate PH testing is done before we start this stain removal process, to identify the stains and implement the right method to remove them.

Treating your rugs with respect

Professional rug cleaning experts know that harsh chemicals can really harm your carpets, so we make sure we use milder solutions to get the best clean for you. After the rug stain removal process is done, we liberally apply a mild cleaning solution to both the front and the back of the rug, then using a rotary with a soft carpet fibre brush to agitate it. This helps to release and remove the greasy embedded soils from your rug.

Chinese rug clean before after short

We know that greasy soils really can go deep into your carpets, so we leave this solution to dwell for a short period of time before rinsing it well with water. This further rinses and releases greasy soils from the depths of your rug, as well as rinsing out any extra cleaning solution.

We’re almost done now!

After the rug has been rinsed and we’ve ensured that all pollutants, soils and stains have been removed, excess water is then extracted from the rug. There are two stages when it comes to extraction – the first being the use of a powerful vacuum, and the second being a rotation centrifuge (which is basically just out fancy word for spinning machine!)

We’ll then reset the pile of your rug, and leave it in a warm room with air movers and dehumidifiers to dry it out, before wrapping it up nicely so that it can be returned to you in the best condition you’ve seen it in in years – with its enhanced, vibrant colours back and smelling fresh as a daisy!

Want to hear more about our rug cleaning process? No problem. We can’t wait to bring your rug back to its former glory!

Get in touch with us today with any questions and enquiries about our specialist rug cleaning prices or to organise your first free, no obligation rug cleaning consultation today! 

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