Quality carpet cleaning service:

Why you should use a professional and how to find your perfect carpet cleaning company. 

A quality carpet cleaning services can be difficult to find, especially in the wash of companies which are readily found through the online market place. Many companies claim to be experts, and professionals. This guide aims to help you with what to look for when you search for local carpet cleaners in your area. You will find many carpet cleaning companies, offering the best, the most professional, and the most thorough carpet cleaning service you have ever seen.

So what do you need to know about finding a quaility carpet cleaning service? What are the simple questions you should ask your chosen carpet cleaning companies when quoting? Hook Cleaning Services hopes to provide some useful tips to help you find a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company.


Carpet Cleaning specialist

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The NCCA –

The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only UK trade association. It has authority for the cleaning and restoration of carpet and textiles in the United Kingdom. When looking for a professional carpet cleaner, you should always seek to use a company or professional who is part of this organisation. Using an NCCA member offers immediate consumer benefits. These include:

  • Every Member of the NCCA is professionally trained, and passes an examination to ensure their knowledge is up to standard.
  • Full members of the organisation undertake an advanced spot and stain removal course to enhance their skills in the removal of specialist and difficult stains.
  • Every company is required to provide a copy of their insurance to the office.
  • You as the consumer have an independent helpline and complaints procedure. If you use a member of the national carpet cleaners association, and the company you appoint does not complete the work to a satisfactory standard. The National Carpet Cleaners Association will work with you, to assist in the mitigation and resolution of a dispute.

You can see our membership page by clicking Here.

British Standards PAS 86

The National Carpet Cleaners Association developed an industry standard, this is known as the PAS 86 Guide. This Guide defines the expectations for professional carpet cleaning in the U.K. When you use Hook Cleaning Services as your appointed carpet cleaning service, you can be assured that we will uphold these British Standards for carpet care in your home and business.

Free No Obligation Quotation – Get a free carpet cleaning quote.

A word of warning. Using the cheapest carpet cleaning company you can find, can have costly or deversating consequences! Especially those companies who offer to provide a quote without viewing the carpets to be cleaned first. No carpet cleaning professional or business should ever quote for your: carpet, upholstery, rug or other cleaning requirements, without first inspecting your textiles and furnishing. Many carpet cleaning companies may choose to offer you a ball-park figure over the phone, subject to inspection. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but it is important that the work is inspected, and a written quotation is provided prior to any carpet cleaning work. Part of the British standards of carpet cleaning requires that a professional inspects the carpets prior to cleaning to identify the type of carpet they are cleaning, its construction, and its condition.

Workmanship Guarantee

Using a company which guarantees their work can be difficult. No professional carpet cleaning company should guarantee 100% success of stain removal. The truth of the matter is, no how good a carpet cleaning technician is, some spots and spills in carpets will be permanent. In these circumstances, replacement, or colour correction treatments may be required. At Hook Cleaning Services we aim to remove all spots and spills from carpets. In the event you find a spot or spill which hasn’t successfully been removed, let us know within 7 days of your deep clean; and we will return to your home or business free of charge, to attempt the spot removal again. We recommend that you avoid claims of 100% satisfaction or you don’t pay. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

In summary, when looking for a professional carpet cleaner, you should always ask your company to:

1, Provide a copy of their insurance √

2, Provide evidence of training √

3, Evidence that they are member of The National Carpet Cleaners Association √

4, Evidence knowledge and understanding of the British Standards for carpet cleaning √

5, Provide a FREE, NO Obligation Estimate in writing √

6, Explain what guarantee’s your carpet cleaning is offering you. √

7, Provide an approximate drying time for your carpets. √

At Hook Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that all our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to the very highest standard, working with care and compassion, in your homes and business. We have a range of carpet cleaning systems from low moisture cleaning, to powerful ruck mounted carpet steam cleaning systems. Our experts will happily discuss the most suitable cleaning system for your carpets

You can call us today on 01256 533599. We love our customers, and we always aim to provide you with the very best service, impartial advice and expert deep cleaning. We look forward to your call.