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How to remove lipstick from a wool carpet.

Lipstick can be a nightmare to remove from carpets and textiles. All too often customers panic, reaching for domestic off the shelf stain removers. In some cases, this causes permanent damage to their wool carpets. So how do you remove lipstick from a wool carpet safely and effectively without causing long term discolouration?

First of all, water, and general spotters are not going to help you here. You need solvents, specifically designed to break down the greasy soils. Additionally, you want this solvent to be a cream solvent as opposed to a wet liquid. This will help prevent the red dyes from the lipstick migrating into the wool fibres during the stain removal.

In December 2017, Hook Cleaning Services received a call from a customer in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire. She asked us:

‘How to remove lipstick from a wool carpet in a lounge?’

Through this blog, we will talk you through the step by step process we used.

Wool, Lipstick, stain, removal, carpet fibre

First, a citrus cream spotter was applied directly onto of the lipstick stain in the wool carpet. The cream begins to break down the grease within the lipstick. The product used on this occasion was Alltec’s Citrus Cream.  The product was allowed to dwell for approximately 10-15 minutes. During this time, we set up our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. This powerful machine is used to flush the spotter and lipstick contamination out of the wool carpet. The image below shows the before, during and after images taken of the wool carpet.

wool, carpet, lipstick, stain removal

Once the cream spotter had been allowed to dwell, a blunt scrapper was used to gently lift away the surface of the lipstick stain. This excess was regularly wiped off of the scraper onto a clean towel. This is important to prevent spreading the lipstick further. The truck mounted carpet cleaning machines deliver a combination of hot detergent, and powerful vacuum. This combination is used to lift and extract the lipstick stain from the wool. A further application of a wet solvent, also known as a paint, oil and grease remover was applied to a couple of the marks to help remove the remaining red dyes from the wool carpet.

After successfully removing the lipstick from the wool carpet. Our customer in Hartley Wintney asked us to professionally clean and protect the lounge carpet.

Hook Cleaning Services highly recommends using a scotch guard carpet protector for wool carpet.

Carpet protector can be applied to brand new, or freshly cleaned carpets. Whether they are wool, man-made, or other natural fibres; professional protectors offer resilience against spots, spills, and general soiling. The application of a carpet protector does not replace the need for regular carpet cleaning. However, when used as part of a regular maintenance plan, carpet protector can significantly increase the lifespan of your wool carpets.

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If your wool carpets need deep cleaning, or if you have a stain requiring specialist attention. Speak to our friendly team of trained professionals. Our team is on hand to offer expert industry advice on how to deal with stains, and immediate action you can take to limit damaging your home textiles.