There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a rotary extractor for carpet cleaning.

Believe it or not, above all else, our advice is that having a rotary extractor of any kind, is better than not having one at all.

What is a rotary extractor?

In the days before carpet cleaning technology got really clever, pros were forced to make do with a manual scrubbing method to get dirt out of your floors – but that’s no longer the case. Rotary extractors have dual motors to provide your carpets with a thorough clean from all directions, with hundreds of passes instead of the manual backward and forward method.

Why are rotary extractors so important?

Regardless of the brand, each rotary extractor machine is capable of producing hundreds of wet and dry passes over your carpet’s surface every minute – this means it works substantially harder than you can, by passing over the carpet with a carpet wand. This will ultimately result in a much deeper clean for carpets, and a faster drying time for you, our customers.

For us – as we’re sure it is for you – providing a deep clean and fast drying times is a really important part of our carpet cleaning service.

Which machine provides the deepest clean?

We’re going to focus on two machines in this section – the Rotovac 360i and Hydromaster RX20.

RX20 and Rovotac 2

There are a number of noticeable differences between the Rotovac and the RX20. For example, the Rotovac is lightweight, compact, offers variable rotation speeds and has a range of interchangeable heads for carpet and hard floor cleaning. On the other hand, the Hydromaster RX20 rotary is big, heavy, clumsy and has a fixed rotation speed. It also comes with a ranges of interchangeable extraction heads for carpet and hard floor cleaning.

These machines were used side by side, with the same pre-treatment detergents and rinse extraction chemicals, connected to the same Prochem truck mount at the same time. Here’s what we found.

Rotovac 360i vs. Hydromaster RX20

We love the RX20! It’s a well planted machine, which is a total animal when it comes to extracting heavy soiling from carpets. With five vacuum extraction ports and five high pressure solution jets to blast soils out of the carpet, this rotary extractor got to work in removing copious amounts of engrained soil from heavily soiled commercial carpets.

The RX20

Our only criticism is that it can get a bit tiring on your muscles because of its size and weight, which makes it difficult to operate under desks and in confined spaces. This is a little disappointing when you’re looking to do a thorough job, especially in managers’ offices with heavily soiled chair rings from constant foot falls. However, this machine delivers truly outstanding cleaning performance when you can get in the tight spots.

Que the Rotovac 360i.

The Rovotac

I’ll be honest and say it took a few goes with the Rotovac 360i to gel with it, so to speak.

Due to its more compact, lightweight build, it is ideal for getting under desks and into spaces which the RX20 just can’t. It performed well and offered comparable soil extraction.

However, we think because of its size and weight, it’s not as well planted on the carpet which means it jumps around a bit. To start with this is awkward and feels uncontrollable – almost like a battle. You start to feel like you’re fighting with the machine and, in trying to catch it flying off with a mind of its own, you end up fighting with the machine even more. We soon discovered that it’s key to relax and accept the ‘skippy’ attitude of the machine – then it’s easy to work with.

So the big question, which one would I buy?

In truth, we would commit to the RX20, if we could only have one. It’s just a bit more beefy and offers wider faster cleaning performance.

RX20 vs Rovotac

However, we’d have the Rotovac too, because it got into places the RX20 couldn’t, and it delivered cleaning performance that we wouldn’t have achieved using a conventionally carpet cleaning wand.

 We recommend carpet cleaners using rotary extractor techniques

As we said at the start:

Owning a rotary extractor in your carpet cleaning business is more important than not having one at all…

Because any rotary extractor can offer greater cleaning performance than a carpet cleaning wand.There any many other rotary extractors on the market to try out, and I look forward to putting them to the test in the future.

If you’re reading this as an existing or potential new customers of ours, and wondering why this is important to you, call us today on 01256 533 599 and ask about our unique DryTouch™ cleaning experience.

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