Hook Cleaning Services Terms & Conditions

Hook Cleaning Services Ltd has established the following Terms & Conditions (last updated 4th January 2013) to protect our client’s property, to prevent contamination after cleaning, or staining of materials, to prevent damage which might be caused by proceeding with cleaning and to outline the limitations of our liabilities to you as a customer.

  1. Before any work can proceed, a test patch must be carried out with all cleaning chemicals which are to be used on any items due for cleaning.
  2. All valuables must be removed from the room before Hook Cleaning services arrives. Hook Cleaning services will not accept any responsibility for damage to any valuable or breakable items which are left in the room once Hook cleaning services arrives. In some causes it may be necessary to come rely empty a room or space prior to our arrival. We will inform you of this before hand.
  3. Hook Cleaning Services reserves the right to refuse to treat or clean surfaces including tile and Grout, Carpet, upholstery etc if the technician believes that in doing so, property or items may be damaged or the working conditions are unsafe or likely to become unsafe during cleaning
  4. Payment should be made upon completion of work. Payment can be made by Cash, BACS or credit or Debit card. For commercial and industrial customers, if agreed in writing prior to work commencing we will allow up to 28 days for payment to be made. If payment is not made with 28 days a penalty/late payment charge of 10% of the bill per week is applicable. Payments not made within a further 28days including any late payment charges which are due, are liable to legal action.
  5. By agreeing to use out services you agree that you are happy with the advice that you have been given, that you ‘the customer’ accept that any advice or test patch given is to the best of our knowledge and workmanship. Hook Cleaning Services cannot predict in its entirety any variation in finish upon completion of the project.
  6. Hook Cleaning Services, will act Professionally, Impartially, and with due care. However, we will not be held responsible for damage arising to furniture, valuables, or breakables. These should be removed by the customer before Hook Cleaning Services arrive. We will assist in moving or removing large items upon arrival.
  7. You, ‘the customer’ will not attempt to assign the benefit of this agreement.
  8. I understand that Hook Cleaning Services will not take any responsibility for damage to items after cleaning. Hook Cleaning Services cannot determine the conditions in which items are cleaned, used or maintained and with this in mind offers no warrantee nor guarantee with work completed.
  9. I Understand that Hook Cleaning Services will aim to improve the current condition of items cleaned. However, Hook Cleaning Services cannot promise or guarantee to remove 100% of stains nor can it promise to restore items to their original condition
  10. No furniture should be placed upon wet carpets or upholstery which have just been cleaned. This can cause wood stain and metal rust to transfer into the carpet fibres. Such damage is irreversible and HCC will not take liability for such damage. No items should be placed on the carpet until a carpet is completely dry and thoroughly vacuumed. Where furniture has to be replaced in position it should be placed on a buffer material which will not stain the carpet or floor – please ask for advice and/or a suitable material.
  11. Once cleaning has taken place we ask our customers not to walk or touch surfaces until they are completely dry. Doing so can damage the cleaners, seals or fibres and stop them drying correctly. In some cases touching or walking surfaces could cause serious irreversible damage.
  12. If at any point you ‘the customer’ has any questions about the work being undertaken, stop and ask your technician about what work is being done if you are not happy for any reason. It is your responsibility to say and ask.


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