You’ve moved house and can’t wait to get into your new property – but wait, your flooring is desperately in need of a clean first. Luckily, Hook Cleaning Services in here to help. Carry on reading to find out exactly how we can transform your new home for the better.

Tile and Grout Cleaning with Grout Perfect Sealer in Southampton, Hampshire

Last month in Southampton, a customer of ours was moving into a new property – a hugely exciting move for them. Prior to moving in, they decided to give the carpets and tile and grout a deep clean so that their new home was in the best possible condition, just perfect for a new start. So, we went down to complete a small demo for them in Southampton.

Identifying the job at hand

During the demo we identified that this was a porcelain tile floor with a grout haze issue, so we knew they’d be in need of some in-depth treatment.

Grout haze issue

The tiles were difficult to clean during our demo and required a specialist acid cleaner to remove the grout haze.

What is grout haze?

Definition: Grout haze is the industry term given to tiles which have a film of grout residue over them, a residue which is usually caused by improper cleaning during the installation process.

Why does it occur?

Usually, after the grout is pushed into the grout lines, the excess is removed from the tile with a wet sponge and a cloth. This leaves a dusty film which can be wiped away later in the day or the following morning. If the tile is not fully and properly wiped clean of this grout, it can leave behind stubborn deposits of grout which are hard to remove. It’s this which is known as grout haze.

How we cleaned the tiles

To thoroughly deep clean the tiles and grout we applied an acidic detergent cleaner to the floor. This product was applied liberally and allowed to sit on the floor for approximately 20 minutes so that it could really get to work.

Rotating tile and grout machinery

Afterwards we scrubbed the grout lines using a specific grout brush, and used a heavy weighted mechanical rotary to help loosen the grout particles stuck to the tiles.

Signs of success

This process is really great, as you can see when the product has been successful. Following the above steps, you could see the soils and unwanted grout had been removed from the flooring and was now sitting in the cleaning solution we had applied.

Mid-job floor

Our work wasn’t done yet though – after agitation, we used our truck mounted clean and capture system. This system combines heat, pressure and powerful vacuum for a premium finish.

High pressure hot water was fired in a spinning motion onto the tile and grout flooring using our Turbo Hybrid spinning tool. The powerful vacuum attached to the tool then extracts all the cleaning detergents, leaving behind a thoroughly clean and dry floor.

Protecting and sealing the grout with Grout Perfect

After the cleaning process we allowed the floor to dry for approximately one hour before applying our Grout Perfect colour sealer to the tiles and grout. The ‘Grout Perfect’ sealer is a dye-based solution that reacts with the calcium content in the grout lines. It’s applied by hand using a grout brush and then removed from the tile using a leather.

grout sealing

Once we’d finished colour sealing the grout over the entirety of the floor, we used a polishing machine with a micro-fibre pad to remove any excess sealer from the tiles – and then our work was done.

When sealed it’s safe to say that our efforts shone through – the floor has a stunning impact, with uniform clean grout lines.

What are the advantages of sealing your grout with Grout Perfect?

We believe that Grout Perfect sealing if great for a number of reasons:

  • Uniform in appearance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No discolour or staining
  • Antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria and odours

But what gives it these qualities? It comes down to the fact that Grout Perfect’s Colourseal sealer is an acrylic resin. The modified urethane sealing agent and concrete added actually hardeners to give the grout extra-strength in the bonding process.

This means that the sealer provides the highest degree of stain protection, which is great news for you when you think about it. This will greatly reduce your maintenance costs after the work has been done – your grout will continue to look at its best, with little attention, for a long time.

This is why Hook Cleaning Services use Grout Perfect’s Colourseal with confidence. We know it works and will guarantee you quality, clean flooring.

Get in touch today to hear more about our services, we can’t wait to get started!